I need to go solid-state

After my not so trusty dell d20 laptop decided I needed another hard drive inside of it, I realized that I should go with solid-state hard drives. It could by my frustration with the machine I have (dell mentioned earlier) but why do hard drives have to be the main point of failure. So while a scrubber program is running on my hard drive to clean up the bad sectors and parts of the disk, I get to use my home laptop. My IBM t61 is a joy to use, but not having my main work laptop is starting to be an issue at work. I have all my stuff backed up (read earlier posts of my other 4 hard drives in this machine), but I’m not really excited about pulling and working on files from different locations if I can get a snapshot of my drive.

So to resolve the issue our IT team is cleaning up the drive with a program and Dell is sending me a new machine, they are starting to think maybe something else is wrong. Or maybe it is just me.

I have a great idea for laptop manufacturers, just make an internal slot or a memroy bay where us users can inject an SD card 4 gig or so and create a small RAID or backup utility that would work outside of an OS.

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