ISP and bandwidth

I’m going to keep on this topic. I was watching crankygeeks ( which I download on tivo. An the group was talking about ISP and traffic filtering. It was an interesting conversaton. For starters, I think John did not really care about the matter. But what I did get out of it was a few people who have my same feelings. That this change if it happens and an ISP would charge you for usage (more than normal) that it should be reverse. So currently I pay about 45 – 50 bucks for a cable modem service. I have my own cable modem but they still think I have to pay to rent one (long story) If I were to be considered a high volume user (though I don’t know what that volume would be) they may charge me more per Gig of downloading.

I don’t dissagree with that model. I would pay for the more bandwidth I use. The place that I want the ISP to be would be to 1. if I pay for it, give it to me. Meaning do not throttle my bandwidth, if I’m going to pay for more usage then allow me full P2P or MB’s per second when I’m using it. So if I want to backup my hard drive online (which I do) then I should be able to do that at 2mb per second. 2. If someone does not use that much bandwidth, then don’t charge them for it. So my mom and dad have a dsl line. I bet it gets used 4 hours a day to surf the web, not much traffic at all. So the ISP should have a package for them that was Cheap.. I mean in the 10 – 12 dollar a month range.

These are just my thoughts. I can already see where the industry is going to start calling out the ISP. As we get closer to being more connected and use our internet connections for entertainment and also work the $ to bandwidth equation becomes more important.

I may think more about downloading the movie from Itunes if I am near my cap for bandwidth and get charged an extra 5 dollars for the 5 gig download. I may just drive to the DVD rental store….

Think on that one…. More posts to come…

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