Run Linux applications on windows

I just ran across a post on lifehacker regarding running linux on your windows machines
Run linux on windows app

I think it is a good idea and a nice distro. I have found that I use my linux machine for years in just a terminal window. However, no matter where I go I am able (as long as I have an internet connection) to run my linux applications on my windows machine. Using X-11 forwarding you can connect to your linux machine of choice and forward the gui to your local machine. That sounds easy and it is, you just need the right tools. You need SSH (putty.exe ssh client) for windows and an X server on your windows machine. I use Xming (Xming). This allows you to run the application on your linux box, mine happens to be a laptop in my basement, and have the application appear on your local machine. There is nothing more rewarding then opening up xeyes on a windows box.

There are many reasons to do this instead of installing another app (600 megs) of one on your machine. For me it allows me to test from different locations, I may be at the office and need to view a site remotely instead of from the office to see if it is location specific or if our connection is the cause. I have also found it great for testing, pings, ssh, and application security.

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