Web tools

One of my favorite tools on the web (www.dnsstuff.com) recently made a site change. They took their free tools and lookups and moved them to a different area. They also added a subscription model and want to make some money.

I am not against the change, in fact I am excited that they could make some money off their great tools. But after a few visits to the site and having to click to find the tools, I found that I automatically went to another network site I use (www.network-tools.com) instead of dnsstuff.

It is interesting that a simple change can cause users to leave. I am sure that dnsstuff still has the same if not more users, but all of a sudden I found that the limit they put on lookups and the promotional materials they are using to get me pay $10 a month was a bit annoying. With out even thinking I went to another site that provides the same service.

It is amazing how short of an attention span internet users have (or maybe it is just me)

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