Olympic torch

The Olympic torch has always been a special thing. I can remember as a kid watching someone carry it by, we must have been in a large city at the time. I always thought how cool it would be to carry the torch. A symbol of unity and the beginning of the Olympic games. I heard on the news today that the torch is not heading back and will not be traveling through our country due to the problems with protesters.

This angers me. I don’t mind protesting, I think it has it values. However, when protesting causes or disrupts something good and inspiring that seems hurtful to me. In no way is the torch the cause of the issues it is just a symbol of the Olympics. You would think that protesters would want the torch in the US longer to get more coverage or press as it travels our great nation

If I were an Olympic athlete I think I would be a bit unsure of how to think about the upcoming Olympics that they have trained so hard for and want to represent our country.

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