What do you want in a portable computer?

I have been talking about “one device to rule them all” for a long time. If you look in my posts you see that I have a vision that one day I’ll have a device (may look like a cell phone) that I call my computer. It has some type of input and can attach to any display, say flexible lcd, or the nearest plasma screen. The thought I have is that you will be able to carry your info and computer with you where ever you go.

Currently we are not there yet, we are getting closer; Iphone and windows mobile devices are getting better, but not what I want.

Recently I have been thinking of what would I want now, current day that I can take with me. My reason is that I am always on the go, meetings, traveling, and just being away from work. I don’t always like taking out my laptop for doing just notes in a meeting. I don’t enjoy lugging my laptop to meetings and power up and power down.
Currently I can get my email where ever I go (Blackjack) but that has limited abilities other than Calendar, email , and contacts.

So my solution may be a very UltraPortable computer. I know that some people just laugh at that idea. For years, manufacturers have been trying to get these things to work. NEC, Gateway, and sony have tried to make them work. It was always a balance between slow performance and just poor function. But now we have a few entries that may fit the bill. The MAC “AIR” may be nice, or the IBM x300. But they cost just too much. I am thinking that I should try a eEE PC (ASUS)

I think I can us this a a go between. For travel I can use to check email and remote desktop into servers. For work I can use this to take notes and go to meetings, leaving my primary laptop back at the office or in the car. For pleasure, I can just keep this with me instead of taking my laptop out.

So far I have heard good reviews. Beyond the battery on the ver 900 version. I’m not sure I would get one unless the 900 is ready to be purchased.

So what do you want in a portable computer? Small form factor? Speed? High performance?

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