Finally did it.. (iphone)

Well I finally did it. I ended up with an Iphone. I spend every day at work developing and creating solutions in .NET and I finally abandoned my WMphone and went with an Iphone.

For one thing, my phone broke. My original Black Jack decided that it needed to stop taking phone calls ever 3 hours. A reboot would fix the issue, but for some reason I did not like that feature. Along with the cracked screen and the missing lcd pixels (thanks to dropping it from 6 feet) it was time for a new phone.

I tried everything I could to not get the iphone. I looked at all the windows options.

  • INCITE was too bulky and I did not like the phone part
  • Samsung Epix – this was what I thought I was going to get. However, after using it I realized that I did not want a touch screen and stylus and keyboard. It seemed hard to decide what and when to use things
  • Black Jack2 – this was the 2nd best other than the iphone. It seemed that the epix is really a blackjack 3 so why get an outdated phone. Also, the one feature I really liked on the blackjack that made me keep it was the rolling scroll on the side
  • HTC FUZE – was a bit bulky and not what i was looking for
  • After trying all of these, it did not take me much to just get an iphone.

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