Windows 7 – Migration

I finally made the full migration over to windows 7.  It is fast and uses less memory than Vista.   I now am running it on my primary machine.  I was on Vista x64 and I have found Windows 7 x64 to be more responsive.

To make the migration work I used a drive image software and a spare hard drive.  I first installed Win 7 on a smaller 60 gig drive to make sure that my base applications worked (Visual studio 2008, SSH, IM, and other tools). 

Once I was happy I made an image of that drive using Macrium Reflect ( The free version.  This was a very easy program to use.  I’ll post more on this later.

Once I had a valid image of the Win 7 build.  I made an image of my larger drive 120gig vista drive and saved it to my USB drive.  I then took the boot CD for Reflect and restored the Win7 image onto the 120 gig drive.  

This was a painless process that I did over 2 days.  I had a day where I was unable to do any work on the migration and had to use my Vista disk.   So I am now a happy Win7 user.

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