Windows 7 vs MAC

I rarely post on things such as MAC vs PC vs Linux. This is because I’m kind of in the middle. As far as I am concerned, they are just an OS. I use Linux at home (typing this out on Ubuntu) and Windows at work. When I read this article I had to include it for reference. In this case the authors (Gizmodo) think that Windows 7 has done something right.

I’m currently running Windows 7 on my work machine. I figure why not go all the way and use the new technology. The feature I’m still getting used to is the Task bar. This post is calling the new task bar better than OSX. I don’t know if I fully agree yet, but it’s growing on me.

So install Win 7 yourself and leave me a message. I for one, will always vote for a Terminal window or slick run for command line launches. I’m still bitter that Vista took (START | RUN) away by default.

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