Windows 7

Yesterday I did as many people did and attempted to download Windows 7. I have a copy but want / need a 64 bit copy. When I went to get the file (legally from Microsoft) I got message from the site saying “Server too busy”. Basically IIS is saying it cannot give you the file, cause it is too busy.

You would think that Microsoft after years of distributing files (windowsupdate, downloads, and service packs) has this down. I remember a tech-ed demo of how they distribute patches on Tuesday and how they use border servers like akamai to handle the traffic.

Yesterday I think they may have tripped themselves up a bit. I realize giving away a beta is a great thing, but they really need a good showing after the poor adoption of Vista. This was not a good start.

On the flip side, I have only heard good things about Windows 7.

You may not be able to download it. As of a few minutes ago they had taken the download link off. But you can get a license key.

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