Justify purchasing an Iphone

I have to admit that I like my new iphone. I am able to do the things I require of a phone, make and answer calls. But I am also able to do the things that I require from a smart phone, read email (exchange), view calendar, sync contacts, and surf the web. What the Iphone brings to the table is the extras. The applications that are available make it more of a useful tool than just a phone.

I was able to justify a new phone because my other phone died (cracked screen and decided to shut off every 3 hours). However, the justification for getting an Iphone rather than replacing the one I had was a bit harder. Not just the cost, but also moving from windows Mobile to Apple.

In the end the applications and the interface won me over. After getting the iphone I was able to use the remote desktop application (over New Years) to save me in a client situation.

If the reasons I mentioned above are not enough. I just read this article (Card Counting)http://www.lvrj.com/business/39633187.html that talks about a card counting application for the iphone. You could justify your purchase with just this application and go out to make a little money using the program. I do not condone cheating (sounds like using an application to count cards is a federal offense) but you could test this program.

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