Tools of the trade

Since I finally got a new phone (iPhone) my old blue tooth head-set a jabra BT250 (Info) did not seem to have that great of quality with the phone. I’m not sure if it was because it is 5 years old or that technology has changed. The BT250, as ugly as it is, treated me very well. I used it in the car and when I was at home.

Yesterday my new Blue Tooth arrived via usps. It is a Jawbone 2 (Jawbone) What a great headset. My kids were in the background during my last conference call and people did not even hear them, and I could hear the conversation (wow). I’m not sure how the noise canceling is done, but it is great.

So I am now back to being safe. Using a headset when driving and being able to hear, what a great thing. I was able to get the Jawbone 2 for ($69) from (

JawBone 2

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