Netbook and the Cloud

I finally broke down and purchased a netbook. I ordered the MSI Wind. I found a killer deal on Amazon and could not pass it up.

I have followed the Wind for quite a while and have been amazed at how it has held up as one of the leading netbooks for over a year. I was really hoping to get a SSD (Solid State Drive) netbook but every model I priced out with at 10 inch screen broke my budget. In the running for my purchase was the Acer One 10 inch, HP 1035nr, and Samsung. Each of those would have set me back near 400 bucks. I ended up with shipping and extra RAM spending $302.

The Wind has a great following in forums and there are a lot of Hacks and Mods available. From overclocking (I think I will try this) to making it a touch screen (not interested) – Quick list of hacks

I am excited to get this in hand and setup the system into my sync. Currently I use Live Sync (formerly folder share) but I’ve been moving to Mesh to keep all files sync’d. I have a vacation coming up that I have been planning on getting a netbook for. Since we are traveling by plane and have limited luggage and kids (3 children) I did not want to take my laptop. I will have to post on how well a netbook can be used as a primary machine.

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