Internet gateway – Linksys

The one thing that can really upset me is when my internet connection goes down. It’s not that I can’t live with out it, or have to have it. It is the process of fixing, rebooting, talking family members through how to reset things, or calling my provider.

Recently our connection has been not-so good. It all started when I purchased a new wireless router (Linksys WRT-160N) after my trusty Linksys WRT54G died. I went with the 160N because it was suppose to be able to run DD-wrt (DD-WRT). The version of the 160N I was lucky to purchase was a version that did not run DDWRT. I was then stuck with the factory Linksys firmware. I’m not sure if the firmware or the router was the cause, but the poor 160N was unable to stay up or keep a consistent connection.

The network in our house is our main system and with out it we could not have Phone, TV, internet, Music, or media. So the Router / Switch / wireless AP that runs it is very important. I am happy to say that I am not back online with the Linksys WRT54G2 ( Linksys WRT54G2). I realized that I don’t do enough on my wireless network to need “N” yet. Most of the equipment that needs high speed are connected to my switch directly.

My remote connections back into my home are now working properly and my nightly backups to Mozy, My hosting site, and offsite backups are working at full speed and are taking half the time.

If you have not had the chance you should check out DD-wrt. It allows you to take a 50 dollar router and turn it into a 400 dollar network router. So I am back online with constant connectivity and reliability thanks to a $50 router. Just as an FYI even though the 160N is called ultra range, the WRT54G2 has better range.

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