Silverlight – Can it be the next flash

I am a fan of silverlight and I’m a bit worried about how it will pan out for Microsoft. Here is an article from /. about how Major League Baseball is pulling the plug from using silverlight.

(Major League Base Ball drops Silverlight)

I did not know that MLBAM also ran the CBS sports NCAA tourney and the Masters. It looks like they ran into issues not with streaming but rather client issues with the install of the Silverlight client. From the surface it looks like permissions on machines and the limited deployment of the silverlight client was the cause. I understand that flash has a 98% install ratio on client machines, but is that because it has been around for almost 10 years? I believe that flash also had the same issues when installing the flash client earlier, and system administrators just included that in their deployment builds.

Unfortunately this may be dissapointing blow to Microsoft and Silverlight.

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