The future of local news.

I was reading Mark Cuban’s blog post (One reporter ) and it occurred to me that we will have a major issue if local news papers and media go out of business. The majority of people who do not put effort into finding news will not get information.

Mark’s thoughts were based on the media coverage for his business (“the Mav’s”) but I’m thinking more of local business, organizations, and people. Who will report on their achievements and share success and failures. I love the paper. We did stop getting the daily paper but I get the weekend edition so I can read about all the local events. The upcoming “____ festival” or the small business man who gave half his income for the year to a local charity and asks people to come out and help do something.

If our local media goes away, who and what will fill this void. Once again if you are persistent you can find this info online, every companies website, or local gov’t site. However, people are lazy. They won’t go looking. It may turn out that some other type of media will take over this local news. Until then, I will continue to get my paper.

Mark is right, how will people keep up with his “Mav’s” if the local sports writer or paper are not their to inform the public.

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