Month: January 2010

Cool Laptop bag

Was checking twitter and one of the people I follow had a link to a sweet laptop bag. I followed the site to see some laptop bag goodness. They make some sweet bags –

Plugins – Mailbrowser

I’ve been testing mailbrowser ( It is a gmail (browser plugin) that allows you to search / file / lookup contacts based on interaction. Similar to Xobni for outlook. I have used Xobni for outlook before and had performance issues. I will update on the usage of this new little plugin

Podcasts – What do you listen / watch

I have recently started to listen to more podcasts. When training for the Chicago Marathon back in 05 I listened to a lot of podcasts. Here are some that I subscribe to 5 live world football Tekzilla Dave Ramsey What else is interesting that I should be listening to?

Laptops / Netbooks and usage

I am very lucky to purchase computers. I have a macbook, netbook, toshiba laptop (wife), and my trusty T61 thinkpad. I have realized that I use each device for a specific task. Excluding my wife’s laptop I have found that the macbook and netbook are interchangeable. The small form factor MacBook makes it as handy as the netbook. Because of this …

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