Comcast – Digital – windows Media Center

I use windows media center on my home theater / basement Projector. Thanks to the wonderful message I got from Comcast that my area is going all digital, I won’t be able to use my system much longer.

1st on my Media center / TiVo I lost the channel data (comcast no longer provides this to analog users) I have preferred basic
2nd – they are making me get a Digital cable box to use (has it’s own remote, and does the channel changing)
3rd – as far as I know there are not any options with a tuner card that will do or contain a cable card (since I have 2 tuners – I would need two of them)
– here is a quick post list of options with the DTA

I am a bit angry at comcast for this change. I get the new and improved service, but what about us techies and people using newer technology.

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