Helping Friends (IT support)

I don’t mind helping family and friends with computer problems. It is time consuming, but I have realized that I can’t just ignore helping them. From the simple things where they have changed the font on Firefox to tiny and can’t switch it back, to their machine has crashed. What I have found is that it is really easy to educate them and once you help them and teach them the number of issues goes down.

The best way I have found to help remote users is to screen share with them. I have used many methods to take over remote machines, but lately I have been using CrossLoop. ( They have a free version that you can download.

Basically the I install the application and the person who needs help installs the application. When they need support and give me a call I ask them to install, then when it is installed and running select the SHARE option and give me the code. Once this is done I can remote control their machine.

This little gem of an application basically uses VNC in a controlled system to allow use through a firewall. If you ever need to help your family members, give it a try.

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