Install Windows from USB (xp and vista)

I recently had the need to reload two machines and get them ready to re-use or resell. I have many copies of XP and started to look for the install CD. After not finding the CD, and being too lazy to burn one from an ISO file, I started thinking why did I need cds / DVDs for install. My linux LIVE disk and install are all on USB thumb drives. Why couldn’t I make USB drive that had my install media for XP, vista , and Windows.

After a little searching I found some methods that use “Bart PE” and some other slipstream ideas. It looked like I would be able to create a one use USB drive (XP or Vista) but not all versions.

I ended up using (WintoFlash) to create my bootable USB drive. I only tried this with XP but it mentioned that it works with other versions of windows.

I am now armed with a XP rescue USB that I can re-install an OS.

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