iPad – Who / Why / What

If you have been living in the woods or maybe have not read the paper or have internet access you might have missed all the hype about the iPad. I am really interested in how this device will work, can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’m not going to be crazy like these people
http://grandrapids.craigslist.org/sys/1670903531.html (750 seems a bit high)

However, I will get one. I am still looking for one mobile device (this is not that device) but it is closer to what I am looking for. So far in my quest for the best device I have only one machine that can even be on the list (My ThinkPad). Though I have had many close encounters. My Iphone is great (fits a problem I have) mobile email and communication. I purchased a netbook to use around the house (under the couch) when I wanted to surf. The problem was it did not have a long enough battery and the screen was too small. I ended using my macbook more than the netbook.

WHY: So why the iPad. First, I think it is a great device. Easy on (this is important). It can surf the web, I know because I do this enough on my iphone. The iPad will allow you to use ebooks (some may disagree, but I have not bought a kindle yet and this may have more features).

WHO: I think the initial users of the iPad may be Apple lovers and those who need gadgets (or want gadgets). The others will use it similar to a tablet, note taking, surfing, all around connected device.

In reality, it is not much different than the old PDA or Palm Pilots. It will have your contacts, calendar, and info (and a lot more). I can remember a Palm III costing at least 300 bucks.

As with the iPhone I can already see this being jail broke, hacked, and modded. Time will tell if the iPad is a success or just another Segway.

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