Things that I have been doing

I decided that I should do a post on what I have been doing.   First and foremost I have been spending more time with my family.  Three girls make life fun.   

I have also been training more and running more often.  Running gives me time to think and if I run on the treadmill I get more time to watch movies.    The most recent movie was War Games 2 – ( 

I love Netflix and use that in conjunction with my Media Center 7 system when I am running.  Media center makes recording TV (soccer) and watching Netflix really simple.

In my sparse spare time I have been attempting to sell almost all my old computer parts / stuff on craigslist.  I have made it a game that I try to sell something each week and pay for gas.  During the evenings I attempt to read some, recently I have finished 3 of the James Bond collection (Thunderball, From Russia with love, and Devil May Care ).   Another great title I have been reading and need to finish is O’Reilly – Inside Cyber Warfare.

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