Windows 7

I was reading my daily RSS feeds and came across this headline.

“More than 10% of all PCs worldwide now on Windows 7”. (

It stood out and made me interested. That is pretty amazing, since Windows 7 has only been out for a few months. Considering the volume of users that have a PC that is huge number and to get to 10% this quick is just outstanding. I have been lucky enough to use 7 for quite a while at home, but still use XP at the office.

I am continually amazed at how people upgrade and update their home PC’s. Not many of the people I know who are not technical would even be able to tell you how to upgrade their OS. In fact, most of the people I end up helping with their tech problems just purchase a new PC rather than upgrade the OS.

I wonder how many of the sales are tied to a new PC? I would even love to know what the numbers were of people upgrading from XP or Vista?

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  1. I think Microsoft has taken the market for Desktops. As a Linux user it is difficult to explain to users that a Free OS can be better than the windows alternative. Apple has done a good job of making the OS transparent to the user, they just know that a Mac is different than a PC.

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