Month: May 2010

iPad and velcro

What a great idea, use the best tool in your tool box to make a device better. I keep velcro in my toolbox. I have a roll of it, sticky back velcro, and some that you would use as wall mounting. This video just shows how to use the tools you have (velcro) to make some thing better. It makes me …

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What Motivates You

I was reading my twitter feeds and ran across a post from an individual at rackspace that was responding to an interview of why they liked working there. (NOT for the money) He referenced this great video regarding Motivation! It is interesting that Money only motivates so far. I have found that in the tech industry this is true. People …

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iPod and iPad holder

I’m always looking for a great stand for my iPhone or iPad. At work I use my phone as mechanism to communicate and also listen to music. At home I use my iPad to watch videos and show pictures. There are a lot of DIY or cheap stands you can make, but I wanted one that was inexpensive and would work …

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Helping friends with computer support

Lifehacker had a great article on tools / ways to help friends with tech support. I realized when reading this that I do most of the things they suggest but also have more tools. Just thought it was a good post to share.

Steve Jobs on flash

I recently read the article from Steve regarding flash on Apples iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices. I think he has some interesting comments. I really do like the idea that rollovers are dead or not needed. The idea that touch or some other input may be needed is a very good point. Have you ever tried to use a flash …

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