iPod and iPad holder

I’m always looking for a great stand for my iPhone or iPad. At work I use my phone as mechanism to communicate and also listen to music. At home I use my iPad to watch videos and show pictures. There are a lot of DIY or cheap stands you can make, but I wanted one that was inexpensive and would work for both the iPad and iPod.

Here is the stand I chose for work. It is good looking (Unlike some of the DIY editions) – I ended up purchasing this one from officemax for 1.99 it works great with both the iPad and iPod.

For home I was able to get a cheap 1.99 picture frame holder made out of acrylic. I was unable to get a link to their online site but I will take a picture of it. It allows me to charge the iPad by having the cable attached to it.

This just shows how a little discovery goes a long way. Instead of purchasing an expensive stand from Apple, I was able to spend 4 bucks.

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