Month: June 2010

World Cup 2010

I have been watching a lot of soccer. My Tivo has been working overtime. Because the games are during the hours I work, I’ve been watching them in the evening. It was good to have a break today from watching games. I am disappointed to see the US out of the tourney. We did well to make it to the second …

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USA World cup game

As an avid soccer fan this has been a great world cup so far. Lots of goals, lots of action and news. So far I have seen great play, fantastic failures, bad ref’s, and great goals. 6/23/2010 USA vs Algeria 10:00 AM EST. Can we make it to the 2nd round. We need a win. Thanks to ESPN3 and a few …

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iPhone 4 shipment

It looks like apple is shipping / delivering the iPhone 4 before June 24th. Maybe this is a good faith gesture for all the issues that surrounded the pre-order of the iPhone 4. No matter what the cause or the reason, this is great to see a company hit a deadline and also come in early.

WiFi or Cellular

It is amazing how reliant you get on internet access. Over the weekend a few things happened with our family and the need to communicate and send messages. I realized that I have become dependent on being able to either just pick up a phone or have some type of communication. Because of the location where we were the cell signal …

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World Cup 2010 – Get Ready

As a huge soccer fan, I can’t wait for the Cup to start. For all those in Grand Rapids area, I’ll see you at some of the local places for the games. Here is a good schedule.

iPhone 4 – Can you get it?

The keynote speech by Steve Jobs was great. I personally like the moment where the wifi was not working. Beyond that little issue the overall presentation was great. Especially the launch of the new iPhone. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new device. I don’t think of myself as a gadget geek, however I use the iPhone as …

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