iPad Tips and more

I have read a lot of great posts on tips and tricks on the iPad. Here are a few that I use the most.

1. I love the feature of a soft reset (I use this on my iPhone a lot) You hold down Top button and the Home button (the only two real physical buttons) for a few seconds and it will cause a reset.

2. Screen Shots – I got a lot of emails from people asking how I was able to get screen grabs from the iPad for the VPN post (iPad VPN setup). I used the screen capture trick on the iPad (this also works on the iPhone) : You hold down the power button (top) and the home button (bottom) for about a half-second and it will do a screen capture that is saved into your pictures area.

3. Web page scrolling. How many times have you been on a page that scrolls down forever on the iPad. Then you realize that you want to get back to the top to get to the navigation. Well all you need to do is hit the title bar and it will take you back to the top. I wish I would have known this one earlier.

4. Quick Mute : just hold down the down volume button. I use this one when the Strawberry shortcake video is too loud…. (kids)

5. Remove “Sent from my iPad” in your email: This is a not really a tip but a suggestion. I don’t like to promote the fact that I’m using an iPad or iPhone. : go to Settings | Mail, Contact, Calendar | Signature. You can remove it completely or replace it.

6. Add Web link to Home Screen: I often visit some sites more than others. You can save that link directly to your iPad home screen. I have lifehacker there. When in Safari on the ipad select the favorites button (the Plus “+”) sign, then select “Add to Home Screen”

7. Try to stay out of direct sunlight : Just like MACbooks the screen does not do well in areas with lots of sunlight. You can push the brightness as high as it can go, but it is still hard to read.

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