World Cup 2010

I have been watching a lot of soccer. My Tivo has been working overtime. Because the games are during the hours I work, I’ve been watching them in the evening. It was good to have a break today from watching games.

I am disappointed to see the US out of the tourney. We did well to make it to the second round. I hope to see soccer continue to grow in the US, and I hope that the success of our team will further that.

One element of this world cup that I keep getting asked about is instant replay and referees. Many people who know I am a soccer fan are asking why there is not instant replay in the games. The unique element of soccer is the continuous running clock. The games are 90 minutes with a running timer. I’m not sure how you would add instant replay and address that rule.
The reason for people asking about instant replay is just the amount of poor refereeing. I don’t think I have seen as many poor officiated games as in this world cup. I’m not sure why so many poor calls or matches have been determined by the ref.

I do think some type of change is needed, but I am at a loss as how to get better ref’s other than the referee themselves.

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