Football / Soccer Season is here (how do you watch live games)

I am excited, the weather has got a bit colder and today ND football starts. Not only that the EPL (english soccer) has been playing for the last 3 weeks and it has been great. Saturday morning means getting excited about all the games going on.

So with all the great technology we have I still can’t watch a sporting event on demand. Not many providers allow you to do that. Hulu, netflix, streaming services are all great, but they miss sports. ESPN 360 / 3 is fantastic. But the majority of the games I want to see EPL / Champions league, and ND football are not available live. I continually wonder if there is a potential for a company or network to step in and provide this service.

As a soccer fan I have to pay a ton of money just to get some of the games. FoxSoccer is available from most Cable and Dish networks, but always in the top level of subscription. If you want all the games from a particular team you have to purchase an on-demand account via the web (Manchester united). As for football Notre Dame, since they play on ABC it is almost impossible to find a legal option to watch the games. You can always use or ustream to find the game, but that takes a lot of time to find a good stream.

If you have any better ideas for me on how to watch my Teams (ND and Manchester United) let me know. If you want to start an online sports streaming network or site, let me know and I’ll participate in the beta and testing.

Until then GO Notre Dame, Hope, and Manchester United.

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  1. So as a follow-up. I never found an online stream but I was able to purchase the Notre Dame application for my iphone and ipad to watch games online. It is called ND central. It uses mobi to stream the games. I would recommend the app. The application was only 3.99 for the season. Well worth it.

    Thank you for everyone for the email suggestions.
    I watched the first half of the ND game at a neighbors cottage then the 2nd half on my iphone.

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