Headphones – Motorola s10 Bluetooth review

I recently purchased the new Motorola s10 bluetooth headphones. What a great headphone set. I have been using my stock Iphone ear buds for most of my music listening. What I have found as I do a lot of running / biking is that the cord is a pain.

The s10 is both sweat proof and wireless. I have paired it with my iPhone and my Media center pc. They are very comfortable to wear and also run in. I have not had a chance to bike with them, I’m guessing it may be an issue with the helmet. The over the ear took me a bit to get used to, but I am now very comfortable with it.

I got a few questions from friends regarding the range these work with. I am able to set my iPhone on the kitchen counter and go all over the house and listen to music.

The only minor issue I have is with the buttons. They are a bit hard to press right on the ear area. The location of the buttons is fine, they just are a bit hard to press.

Currently you can purchase these from Best Buy
or a few other retailers online.

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