Interesting real world offline hack

There was an interesting article on lifehacker regarding offline file shareing. Kind of like the old “sneaker net”. Where you would put files on a disk and walk the over to someone. The concept of this offline peer-to-peer is to place a flashdrive or similar item into a permanent fixture and people go to that location and either leave info or pick up info.

I’m not sure if this will go any where but it made me think of how offline info is important and useful. Wouldn’t it be interesting that instead of a physical device it was more of a virtual thing. Instead of a flash drive, how about a wireless network that was open and had a file share on it. To get to the information you would have to physically be in the area of the Wireless network (say 100 yards or so) to get or share data.

So instead of being offline it would be more like off the grid. Because this would require some power to run the wifi.

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