Month: December 2010

Passwords and usernames

I just updated my online accounts thanks to Gawker’s recent news regarding their user database being compromised.  I did have a gawker account, I’m a reader and subscriber to You can check to see if you need to change passwords by looking if your account was compromised here ( the widget looks up your email or username. At the time …

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Broadband and bandwidth

I love broadband internet.  I signed up for excite @home back in 1999.  @home eventually became Comcast and my love hate relationship with them continues.   In-fact, I still use the original Motorola surfboard that I got in 1999 (it has a date on it from 1998) as my cable modem. I have been relatively happy with Comcast for all these years in terms of internet …

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Troubleshooting a .NET error – A Generic Error in Occured in GDI+

I recently launched a new application that generates an image. In the app I created a custom image handler that returns a 2D barcode. The Handler used the System.Drawing class to generate the image. This all worked great locally on both Visual Studios Cassini and my local IIS box. However when I published the application to my server (win 2008) I …

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