Passwords and usernames

I just updated my online accounts thanks to Gawker’s recent news regarding their user database being compromised.  I did have a gawker account, I’m a reader and subscriber to

You can check to see if you need to change passwords by looking if your account was compromised here ( the widget looks up your email or username.

At the time I created my lifehacker account (that is compromised) I was using my primary email address and a common password that I used everywhere.  I have since created a better method for using online sites and also passwords.  My method is based off the common password variation method.   I use a similar password phrase to create the password.

Example:   J1MB3cH3r – this uses numbers and capitols to re-create my common used phrase (no I don’t actually use that as my common password) .  Then depending on the site I append some type of element to merry the username and password together. – J1MB3cH3r@fb (notice I added the ‘@’ sign)  I use this to separate my common password with the site specific attribute ‘fb’.

So make sure that you change your password info and keep strong passwords.

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