QR Code Generator – 2d barcode

I’ve been doing some research on QR codes (the funny looking squares you see in magazines and Sunday advertisements). QR codes are “Quick Reference” barcodes that can contain a lot of information. They started to become popular in Japan and have recently been showing up more and more in media and at stores.

There are a few great QR code generators out there but I set out to make one for myself that I would be able to share. I used an opensource qrcode library from twit88.com.

Head over to www.tilde32.com/qr.aspx to use the generator. Create a QRcode for your site, or for a business card, even your wifi info. You can use the permalink to add the QR code to your site or just download and save the image. I have also been working on a GDI app that you can add your logo on top of the QR code (coming soon) Similar to what the BBC did with their logo. I am also adding a Microsoft TAG generator.

QR code for : jimiz.net

Why are QR codes so popular? There are over 50 Million smartphone users in the US. Any smartphone with a camera should have the ability to read a QR code. It is a simple way to transmit data to a end user. QR codes are easy and free to create and can store a lot of data. They are easy to embed into media and marketing materials.

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