Month: April 2011

iPad IT apps

I have a lot of apps loaded on the iPad. Many of these apps are games, productivity, social media, and just entertainment. However, there are a few that are really tech and work related. Since I am in the IT field I found a few apps that I would recommend. Remote Desktop 1. winadmin – $8.99 This is the most …

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PirateBox and Pineapple

I’ve got a few hacking items I need to eventually get to. First I’d like to make a Pirate box. I think the concept is great for parties, groups and overall travel. Pirate Box ( I also have not used my pineapple in a while. If you are not familure head on over to hak5 to read. I’ve demo’d this …

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Term Life Insurance

I recently decided to keep my new years resolution and get more life insurance. Now that there are 4 children running around at our house it is important that they are taken care of in the event that I pass away. I listen to Dave Ramsey and he is a believer in term life insurance. I would have to agree. Term …

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