Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 – iPhone 4

So today I updated my iPhone to 4.3.2 and Jailbroke it again.   I always get asked why I jailbreak.  The simple answer is because I like to hack devices.  The more to the point reasons are the cool customizations.  The business reason is simple, MyWi it allows me to make the device a wifi hotspot and always have internet where ever I go.

I used the redSn0w process to jail break.  You can follow this process it is for 4.3.1 but  but can work with 4.3.2 if you download the proper IPSW version.   Lifehacker always has hst up to date version of the files.

My intial attempt failed.   This is because I did not follow the steps for x64 and modify the affinity for redsnow.exe and set to cpu1

I also did not run redsn0w.exe as administrator.  To do that you just need to right click on the exe and select (run as administrator)

These steps are all in the instructions. Have fun and enjoy if you do decide to jail break.  Drop me a note with your experiences.   I

I have not jailbroken my iPad yet.  I do know this version will not do the iPad2


Update:  I got a note from someone asking if I backed up my iPhone prior to jailbreaking.  Yes, I used AptBackup for the jailbroken apps and did a lot of system file copy with ssh.

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