Top Gadgets, technology, and cool things to purchase.

I love to browse engadget and gizmodo to see the new things in tech.  Technolust is just something that is in me.   The most interesting lists I have seen in a while are the CES 2011 items to watch and the travel gadgets.

I’ve had this link bookmarked for a while. The tech is a bit old, but the items are good.  I think a solar backpack / charger of some type is just a great idea.   I can’t say how valuable a waterproof case is.  For those who know me, I’m fond of the ziplock waterproff case for the iPhone.

The like page has a good list of items for 2011. I have to say this will be the year of the tablet.  Though, I can’t wait for what Apple will do with the iPhone 5.  If NFC comes to the phone, I’d love to do a few little programs with that.,28804,1827576_1827591_1827997,00.html

I’m not sure why these top 10 / 20 / 30 lists are so intriguing to me, I just really like them.


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