Windows Phone 7 (wp7) Map task

I’m in the middle of writing a Windows Phone 7 application.  It is part experiment and part project that I’ve wanted to do for a while.   In doing the development I have found a few difficult things in developing for WP7.

The application I’m writing requires the use of the network adaptor and also some mapping.  So far the available information for the network adapter is very sparse.   The other interesting component is also that fact that you can’t launch a Map (bing map) task very easily.  You would think this would be a built in feature.

There is a work around that Kevin Marshall has posted (

The main idea is that you call out a bing search and utilize the map call:

var task = new WebBrowserTask();
task.URL = “maps:1%20N%20Franklin%2060606″;


//task.URL = “maps:37.788153%2C-122.440162″;


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