Android SDK Windows 7 (x64) – “invalid command-line parameter” Error

While starting to  write an android application I had to re-install the Android SDK on my new system.  When I did this and tried to execute the Emulator I go the following error:

"invalid command-line parameter: Files.
Hint: use '@foo' to launch a virtual device named 'foo'. please use -help for more information"

After some google searches and some testing I finally found a fix.  The issue it appears is the referenced path that Android is using.  Since I have an x64 system, the location that the default android install is : C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk

One of the posts and install documents I read was to add that directory to your “Path” in windows.  I made that change and still had the same issue.  After some more digging I found that the issue is related to the spaces in the folder path.   To solve this issue I added the “SFN” directory location into the PATH variables.

Short File name is sometimes called 8.3 file name.   Because it envokes a limit on the filename and extension length (wikipedia)

Since x64 machines place files that are 32bit into a different Program files directory the install location is : C:\Program Files (x86)\android\android-sdk


Add the location sfn name into the path.  My 8.3 file location for the sdk is:


This will remove the spaces from the path.  To add a folder location in your path on windows 7 you need to:

  • go to control panel
  • System | Edit the System Environment Variables
  • Click the Environment Variables button
  • Scroll Down under “system Variables” until you find path
  • Place a “;” before you add the path to the sdk folder (C:\PROGRA~2\android\android-sdk)



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