Stand up desk

For the last 2 months I have been standing up at work.  I’ve borrowed a rolling laptop cart to be my stand up desk.  You can see from the pictures that it is adjustable and also has a mouse tray to the side.


The stand I am using is an instand, deluxe with roller wheels. Using a standup desk has been a great learning experience.  The first week my feet were killing me.   At the end of the day all I wanted was to sit down and take off my shoes.   After about 5 days my feet got used to it.

I also found that people are very curious about the stand-up desk.  I work in a large corporation and there are many cubes in my area.   I would get about 1 person a week stopping over and asking me questions.  Most of the questions were regarding health.  Many people asked if I was doing this because of back issues.   I find that interesting that everyone relates standing to back pains.

The reason I decided to give this a try was from an old email I found.  I had wanted to know how long I had gmail and looked back at the oldest email I had in my account.   I had forwarded an article about a future treadmill desk from one of the furniture makers.  In that article they talked about the benefits of standing while working.    I did a few searches and found that it is a growing trend and a health one.  I’m not saying that I’ll die if I sit at work like this article, but standing could be healthier.


There are many solutions and desks available for standing, I chose this one because it wsa available.    The only issue I have is that there are 3 rollers on the bottom and because of where I have it positioned one sticks out towards me while I am working.

Overall I have found that standing is a great way to work.  I am not sure I could go back to sitting all the time.  I have found that for some tasks sitting is more appealing.  I find that I am most comfortable talking on the phone when seated.  I also realized that If I am doing any type of heavy mouse usage that sitting helps.

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