Listening to music while biking


I’ve been commuting to work on my bike for a bit now.   I have about 7 miles to travel each direction on some busy roads.   During the commute I listen to music via my Motorola s10 headphones.      These allow me to keep my phone in my backpack and adjust anything via the controls on the device.    I just hit shuffle on all songs and let it go.  However, when a poor song selection comes on I just tap the Next button and i’m all set.

During my ride home on Friday I got a call from a friend that wanted to meet for a Pint.   I was able to answer using the headset as well.  Nothing better than hands free talking while biking.

What I am wondering to all the other bikers out there, is listening to music while riding considered a safe practice?

I’ve found that I can hear cars (I don’t keep the volume very high), I wanted to see what people thought? Comments, suggestions ?

I tried my white iPhone headphones a while back, but that required my phone to be either in my pocket or on my cycle shirt.   I now prefer the Bluetooth headset to limit an restrictions or cords.

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  1. Back when I used to get Bicycling magazine there was a short piece on this subject. I believe they mentioned that in many places it’s illegal. From my own experience I’ve found that in order to hear what I’m listening to I have to have it up fairly loud and then I can’t hear things around me. I’ve tried the one ear only option too. That seems to work alright. Don’t get squished.

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