Remote desktop sharing

Remote PC support has come a long way.  It used to be a long phone call and people would explain what they were seeing.  Then we added remote desktop sharing tools like VNC.  Now many sites and applications have these features.    I have discussed remote desktop sharing / support apps before –

Since then I have tried many versions.  Go2MyPC, webex, livemeeting, dimdim, view, and many more.   Recently on a family support call I decided to try two new ones.   I have recently been using go2assist (from citrix) however I decided to let my subscription run out and go back to open source.

Two players in this space. – a simple web site to allow you to share your screen. It was simple to use but not as intuitive as I would have liked.

I ended up using Microsoft’s SharedView.  Since I already had a live /hotmail account and so did my family member who needed help the requirments to use this tool were already set.

They basically went to  downloaded the application and ran the 3 step install.

After it is installed you can run the app and get a tool bar on the top of your screen.  Steps are simple.  Login, start or joine a session.    I was able to walk them through starting a session and quickly join them via email address in about 1 min.  If you are starting the meeting you just click the start a new session and you are presented with a link to email or a password to share (SIMPLE)

Thank you Microsoft for this great tool.   It is not as clean ad go2assist but very practical.




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