New Bike and Driving privileges

After my bike breaking and having to fix the crank.  I had a chance to test drive a few new rides at my local bike shop.  (  I probably should not have done that.  Now I am ready to make a change.  I realize that the bikes I have are great (1995 schwinn and a 2010 Fuji Road bike)  The Fuji I won’t ride to work anymore, and I have put lots of miles on the old schwinn while commuting.

While at the shop I took a look at a urban / commuter bike (raleigh Misceo)   It is a mountain bike style road bike.  700 size tires that just glide like a road bike but a feel of a mountain bike.   I was amazed a the ease of the ride.    I can see that it won’t be long till I get a new bike.  I just hate the idea of purchasing another bike while the trusty Schwinn is still alive.

Also, in the last few weeks I have been reading about commuting and the biking scene. I ran across this great little discussion on driving privileges


How we take driving for granted, and have a society that counts driving and unsafe driving as the normal.



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