Broken Bike – Home Fix

Last week I finished riding home from work and noticed a bit of play in my pedal and crank.  When I took a closer look the pedal was not straight in the crank.   After a bit of work, I was able to get the pedal off to take a look.  At a first glance it looked like the pedal was cross threaded.  When I took it off lots of metal flakes came off the crank.

I did a quick search for a crank online and did not see much for my 16 year old bike.   There was a few options for purchases but all were quite expensive.  I borrowed a crank puller from a friend at work and headed to my local bike shop (     The crew over there was able to find me a used crank, left arm.  It was a cheap and easy fix.

After some discussion it sounds like the crank was over-tightened and over time caused it to strip out.    When you commute frequently things tend to break.   It may be time to get a new ride.  Any suggestions.

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