Computer Backup – Black Friday

Every year I take the opportunity to do some winter cleaning on my computer systems.  Clean up directories, remove unused applications, and backup.   I typically choose Black Friday for this event because I can run out and get cheap storage (Hard Drives).   Last year I purchased 2 portable drives and an internal drive.

This year, I did not want to go out early.  So I spent the morning cleaning our computer systems and then headed out and purchased a few High Capacity SD cards.  I got 8, 16 and 32 gig cards.  Different manufacturers.   The 16 I intend to use in our camera so it was the higher speed.  The other 2 I plan on using for an “ON PC” backup.

I have many backup strategies for our home documents and photos, but I am adding a new one this year.   I have done this in the past at work with my personal documents but not at home.

Since we are almost exclusively laptops at our house I setup jobs to backup the home directory documents to the SD cards.  This does a sync that makes it easy to store on the SD card.   The actual directory and photos are sync’d every night to our backup server, but this is just a quick fail-safe.   I’m not sure how well it’s going to work, but the intent is to have a quick copy to pull back from of critical documents.

On my SD card I used truecrypt to create a volume and store information encrypted.  Overall it is working OK.  I will have to update this post as I progress.


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