Biking videos

I am amazed at some of the great videos I have seen recently of biking events and situations. This one is called 3 way street (tracking scary traffic). Watch the bikers weave in and out of traffic and the pedestrians.

This video is from woodoocycles. They are just beautiful. I’m not sure how they ride, but wow.

woodOOcycles from Prismafilms on Vimeo.

On a different tune, here is a video of a NY bike messenger race. I have not rode in NY city but I get the feeling this is what it may be like. I’m amazed at the traffic and the crazy riders. Between cars and people, I can’t image the focus you need.

Messenger again: Police chase at the end.

check out this guy. He is riding wheelies in traffic, his goal “not to get in anyone’s way”

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