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I recently took a trip to Las Vegas for a conference. I took my ipad for both note taking and also to do work. It performed perfectly. I have to say that the majority of people at this conference had tablets and the clear winner in shear numbers was the iPad.

To prepare for the trip I loaded a few magazines, books, and movies on my iPad. To do this here are the top apps that I used:

1. Zinio – A e-magazine application (read my previous post on this) Great application to purchase magazines for the airplane trip.

2. VLC– Video Lan Client. I used this to watch a movie. Since I use windows media center at home. I just moved an .AVI to the VLC application and watched a movie while in the flight. (I would recommend better headphones or noise canceling)

3. Built in iBook reader : I read the last chapters of the recent james bond novel
(Close second is Kindle)

4. Business week : if you have a subscription

5. iSSH – Remote access to any of my servers while traveling

6. PPTP – Built in vpn. If you are traveling and not using a vpn be warned. You will have your packets watched or stolen. I suggest using a personal vpn if you don’t have access to one from work. Try wifi-vpn.com only $4 per week (or $9 a month)

7. Remote Desktop lite – Remote access to your desktop.

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