Month: January 2012

QR codes

I found a great site for creating custom QR codes.  I had a project a few years back where I had to generate QR codes, so I wrote my own engine.  Then I used the .net framework to impose images on top of QR codes using GDI+.  The site does a great job of putting the elements I did a …

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Ghost in the Wires–Kevin Mitnick

This has been a great book so far.  Not only is Kevin a very sociable person but he is a very entertaining writer.  His stories are amazing.  To think that he left some out. Watch is interview with Snubs on Hak5. “23 Questions with Kevin Mitnick”

Indoor Cycling–Bar Racing

I saw this article from a group that I am a member of.  What a great idea.  Some old roller equipment and a low-tech speedometer.   What a great event to go to, I would love to watch this in a local GR environment. Here is a video of one of the final races.  Check out the speed they are turning …

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New Gadget

I was watching some CES news and ran across a new gadget that I would like to purchase. It looks like I’ll have to wait till March for this one.  Only $50 dollars.   It is called feedair. I have tried in the past to use the Ambient orb to get something like feedair to work.  Weather forecasts, information, etc…   I …

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Pfsense – SARG (squid reports) setup

UPDATE – Since writing this pfsense has added a package install of SARG.   I recommend an updated tutorial of this post –  SARG and Pfsense V2. Here is a tutorial on how to setup SARG ( – Squid Analysis Report Generator on Pfsense.   If you don’t know what any of those words meant then here are some references. SQUID – ( …

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New home firewall / router

I have been having some performance issues with my home firewall.  Last year I upgraded my networking to use a Cisco e3000 running tomato firmware.  This configuration worked well when I paired it with an airport extreme to be the dedicated wireless access point.   I had moved to a dedicated wireless AP as we added more wireless devices in the house.  …

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Logos with “Normal” fonts

I have mentioned before I  am not a designer.  I can see recognize good design and appreciate how creative minds can put together a cohesive look and feel.  However, I can’t do that.   These logos were originally created with a specific font in mind, it is amazing how just changing a font can change the logo. When I first read this …

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Soccer–Paul Scholes returns to Man U

I am a huge fan of Paul Scholes.  He recently retired, and was looking to do some management with Manchester United.   I saw in the news today that he is making a return to MU.  That is just great news.  Paul is 37 and still just an amazing player.

iPhone Jailbreak 5.0.1

I decided to jail break again. I really like the sbsettings That lets you turn things like wireless, bluetooth, and other features on and off with a simple click. I also use mywi to tether when on the road, since I purchased the app it is very useful. Some of the other reasons to jailbreak are to test out some fun …

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Great looking bikes

I’ve been looking at upgrading the old commuter and in the process of looking at some custom bikes ran across this site. What a wonderful collection of some of the best looking bikes available.  The site is maintained by Adam Leddin.  Keep up the great work.