Looking for a commuter bike

I’ve been eyeing up different commuter bike options.  I have to say that there are a lot of options.   I think my criteria narrowed down to an upright position like a mountain bike but some features of a road bike.  Similar to a hybrid.  There are a lot of bikes out there labeled as commuters or urban bikes, however they seem to come with a higher price tag.  The items that I think make most sense is a rugged bike that can hop curbs and I can ride on rough sidewalks (yes I said sidewalks). 

I view a commuter bike as a device to get to and from different locations. Currently my commuter is a beat up old Schwinn, and I love it.   I’ve used my Fuji road bike a few times to ride to work but I’m always afraid of running it off road and through the sidewalk / grass. 

So far I have had my eyes on a few bikes.  At first I thought that an internal gear was the way to go.  At the moment I’m unsure.  I really only use about 3 gears currently on the mountain bike but I’ve heard mixed reviews on the 8 and 11 speed internal gear bikes.  I have have only had a chance to ride an older internal gear bike and was not too impressed.   What I like about internal gear bikes is the ease of maintenance.  Riding every day can cause some heavy maintenance.  here is a list of a few bikes I’ve been evaluating.  I’ve only ridden about half of them.   Most of the local bike stores carry a different version or model similar to what I want.

Internal gear:

Normal gear

    At the moment I’m leaning at the Raleigh bikes.  We will see.   If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

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  1. I ride a Trek 7.2FX as a commuter bike and I love it. Log weight, durable, easy to maintain and fun to ride.

  2. *edited* I ride a Trek 7.2FX a a commuter bike and I love it. Light weight, durable, easy to maintain and fun to ride.

  3. How do you like the 7.2, is it a newer model. I stopped into the local bike shop and did ride one. Do you use panniers?

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