Packable and portable coffee

coffeeUPDATE: I was able to purchase Tea Fillers from Teavana in our local mall

My current employer does not provide coffee. So I find myself bringing coffee to work. This is not a bad thing, only that I tend to forget my Thermos at work.  They do offer coffee to purchase in the café, but this can become pricy.  Overall, I have found that I enjoy making coffee at home.  I like to use a stronger coffee on some days and then some flavor on others.    However, on the days I forget to set the coffee maker or don’t have a mug to take it with me to work I don’t like this arrangement.

I have toyed with bringing my Senseo to work.  For those not acquainted with the Senseo is single cup brewing system.  Corporate rules don’t allow coffee makers so I would have to hide this.

An alternative is to use single brew coffee like Starbucks VIA.  This solution only requires you to add hot water.  The downside to VIA is the cost. 

I recently read an article on lifehacker that discussed how to make your own portable coffee.  I am not on a quest to do this process.   Simple coffee the way you like it in a few minutes.

Head on over to read the instructions at instructables.

I love the idea of adding sugar and creamer.  I’m calling a local tea shop to see about fillable tea bags.   I did find these on amazon.

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